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After growing up together in Lynn, MA and maintaining our friendship for nearly 30 years, we established the brewery in October of 2017. Born from a shared love of beer and homebrewing, as well as a desire to be involved in the industry professionally we dove in head first. With a culinary approach of balancing ingredients and a touch of experimental process we developed a series of beers that deviate just enough from their defined style to provide an alternative craft experience.

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Leading up to our first release, we spent the better part of a year brewing small batches of our favorite styles and sharing samples with friends and experts. With their feedback, we refined our recipes until we felt they were ready. In November of 2018, we brewed our first commercial batch of WeyLey. We were quickly able to find shelf space in more than 70 retail locations and a dozen restaurants. To keep these outlets stocked while we develop plans for our taproom we will be rotating through large batches of our core recipes as well as smaller releases of alternate styles. Click an image below for details on our mainstays.

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WeyLey 6% alc./vol.

Our hazy red ale is dominated by a simple yet expressive profile of Marris Otter base malts and a powerful dose of Centennial Hops. The ale is bolstered by a generous addition of oats to provide for a creamy drinkibility.

Melbury 6% alc./vol.

Our crushable Pale Ale is balanced with a touch of caramel and a base of pale malts which give way to a unique bittering schedule. The finish to this hazy ale is punctuated by tropical aromas derived from a dynamic dry hop combination.

Kings Hill 7% alc./vol.

Our porter offers a complex combination of sweet and savory. Subtle chocolate and caramel flavors are extracted from the combination of brown malts. The sweetness is balanced by a sneaky delicious hop profile.

Tiffany 6.5% alc./vol.

Our NEIPA delivers a complex punch of tropical aromatics that give way to a subtle earthy dose of bitterness. A base of early Mosaic followed by an aggressive late drop of Citra with a powerful dose of dry-hops complement a grist bill crafted to deliver a crisp yet smooth finish. The end result offers strong impressions of mango, grapefruit and passion fruit with a hint of berries.

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